Here’s how you can spot the difference between canoes and kayaks

At Outdoor Adventure, we have canoeing and kayaking activity days available, and they are always tons of fun. But there is the question of what the difference is between the two, and here are the ways you can spot them.

Enjoy your activity days by going canoeing or kayaking


In a canoe, you use a single bladed paddle, and you kneel in the boat or sit on a small bench. The boats are bigger and can carry up to three adults.

There are different types of canoes designed for different uses: solo, white water and general use.

Canoes are quite versatile and easily manageable – the perfect choice for activity days with all the family.


When kayaking, you use a double bladed paddle, and you sit down low in the boat with your legs enclosed – so no water can get in.

There are also different types of kayaks too – white water, surf kayaks, and they can be short or long, single or double capacity.

Kayaks travel quite fast; you can get quite competitive the minute you get in one!

Both canoes and kayaks can be used out at sea, on rivers and canals or in land depending on experience and conditions. Hopefully you will now be able to spot the difference between canoes and kayaks.

Photo by:  Steve Parker