Flying Squirrel shows why you should try surfing with Outdoor Adventure

A 7-year-old Australian girl who is known as the ‘Flying Squirrel’ shows you why you should go surfing on Outdoor Adventure’s school residential trips, as you too could be the next top surfer!

Quincy Symonds picked up her first board at 3-years-old and got the surf bug straight away! She took to her first competition at the ripe old age of 4 and now the ‘Flying Squirrel’ looks on the right path to make a serious impression on the world of surfing.

Living on the Gold Coast of Australia and having breaks like Snapper Rocks and Kirra on her doorstep has proved to be the perfect playground for the youngster and is regularly seen pushing herself in to waves to the amazement of the surfers around her before surfing the wave like a seasoned pro.

Her dad, Wade Symonds said that people can sometimes look down on him in the water for letting her out there in the surf:

“…then she surfs past them, and they say, ‘Oh, okay, I don’t really understand what I’m seeing here.

“It’s not my goal for her to achieve anything in particular, I’m just excited to see what she’ll do with it if she chooses to continue,” he added.

James Mitchell, Quincy’s surf coach thinks there’s something special in Quincy, saying;

“We’ve never seen anyone like Quincy before. We grow up as Aussies, everyone gets out there and gives it a go but she does have something special about her, including no fear!”

It’s only a matter of when as to when we see her on the big stage of surfing with Quincy saying she daydreams about being on the WSL all the time before admitting she needs to get bigger first!

Quincy nailed the attraction of surfing by saying “there’s definitely something really special about, it may be the connection with the water and you jumping in, because it actually makes you calm down in salt water. It’s just so fun — or something.”

See Quincy in the two videos below and surf some of the UK’s best waves down here in beautiful North Cornwall by staying with Outdoor Adventure.


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