Five Fantastic Tips for Achieving an Unforgettable ‘Dawnie’ Surf

When you are in the prime location for outdoor adventurous activities such as surfing, like we are here in Cornwall, it means you will have the ideal chance to take advantage of some of the perks, like enjoying what is known as a ‘dawnie’ within surfing circles.


As the name suggests, this is when surfers get up pre-dawn and are in the water ready to ride the waves when that picturesque dawn sunrise arrives.


There’s no denying that dawn patrol surfers are kicking off their day in an amazing way, and when combined with the lighter mornings the spring and summer months present us with it’s no wonder it’s a popular choice among the surfing community


If you’re keen to experience this and make the most of your dawn surf, here are our handy tips to help achieve that early morning surf:


Getting Up!

If you’re not used to this, getting up might just be the hardest part. Some people will take to this naturally, and for some it’ll get easier the more you do it. What you should always have in the back of your mind is that it’s totally worth it in the end, so rise and shine people, there’s fun to be had!


Try Sleeping with Your Curtains Open

This goes against all we know and will possibly be a completely ‘out there’ idea for some of you, but just trust us on this one, it really does the trick. For all intents and purposes, when the sun rises, you will too. So to help you get up, leave the curtains peeled. What’s more, you’ll benefit from seeing those beautiful skies first thing in the morning!


Put that Phone Down (this includes tablets too)

Arguably the tip that’s hardest to deal with in this day and age, but we say this for good reason. The bright light that emits from your screen is absolutely no good for helping your brain to wind down and ‘switch off’ as you get yourself into sleep mode. In fact it does the opposite, it stimulates the brain! The best thing to do is to get those phone switched off at a reasonable time, and rest up so that you’re full of energy for a great surf in the morning.


Prepare your Breakfast the Night Before

There are two reasons to do this. One, to make sure you don’t miss breakfast and two, because if you do you’re not going to have any energy once you’re in the water and you won’t make the most of your time surfing. The ideal sort of thing to fix that would be a good old-fashioned bowl of porridge around 30-minutes before you set off. If possible, eat a banana either around the same time, or if you have to drive to the spot, 30-minutes before you paddle out. This will give your mind and your body all the energy required to enjoy a surf at your full potential. You can prep all these things the night before and then all you need to do is heat up the porridge in the morning- simple!


Prep your Stuff the Night Before Too

Wherever possible, you should pack everything and get it loaded the night before so that you can head straight off to the beach. Also, don’t forget to remember a few towels so that you’ve got one to stand on and the other to dry yourself off with. After all, no one wants sandy shoes on the ride home!


Last of all, we’d advise you to just enjoy your time in the water, there aren’t many better places to be at this time of day, so take in your surroundings and get shredding!