Explore the incredible scenery and wildlife between Bude and Crackington Haven

Make the most of your family adventure holidays UK by exploring the coastal path between Widemouth Bay and Crackington Haven, an area known for its exceptional beauty and fascinating wildlife, and what’s best is that it starts right outside the front door at Outdoor Adventure.

The 3-mile route from the centre to Crackington is part of the South West Coast Path which was originally made by coastguards; they needed access to patrol the south west peninsula keeping an eye out for smugglers, locating shoals of fish as well as checking the ocean conditions. They had the not so enviable task of having to check every nook and cranny of the coast, so their cliff top walk was used time and time again, this resulted in the path that we use today.

As you walk the cliff top path along the cliffs between Widemouth and Crackington Haven you’ll take in awe-inspiring Atlantic Ocean views, golden sand beaches, deep green pastures and enchanting forests.

One of the most appealing aspects of coastal walking in North Cornwall is the vast array of wildlife, flora and fauna that call this rugged coastline home. The Peregrine Falcon, which is the world’s fastest bird has made a strong resurgence over the last twenty years along with choughs, cirl buntings, who have also made a steady comeback in recent years.

Away from the imposing granite and limestone cliffs, you’ll find many species of marine life such as basking sharks, porpoises, dolphins and seals.

The video below by Matthew Williamson documents their trip through the path on a beautifully sunny, albeit windy, North Cornish day:

For those wondering what to take on a coastal walk from OA’s HQ to Crackington Haven will find a guide on what to bring below:


Our highly trained guides are like a walking Met Office report, so they will know exactly what conditions you are likely to encounter on your walk. British weather likes to change in the blink of an eye, so it’s always advisable to take a few layers and options. You can always take layers off if you become too hot, but you can’t magically appear a jumper if you don’t have it with you! Jeans are never good for walking in; if they get wet they will begin to chafe and believe us, it hurts and will get your coastal trek short!


As we mentioned earlier, the weather likes to change at the drop of a hat down here in the Duchy. We don’t mind getting out in nature when it rains, but not having the correct attire for the elements will put a halt to any enjoyment. Waterproofs also provide excellent protection against the wind as well.


When dry, the coast path can be walked in any comfortable and safe footwear, sure your Uggs and flip-flops are comfy, but when you’re walking a coastal path they won’t be!

Food and water

If you’re anything like us you’ll be wanting a little energy boost when you reach the top of a Cornish cliff, this doesn’t mean a bag of Doritos, but a banana or small bag of nuts and dry fruit. Remember to bring a bottle of water that you can take little sips frequently from. There’s no need to grab a whole bag of food, the walk only takes roughly three hours, and the OA minibus will be waiting at the other end ready to take you back to the centre.