Explore the Cornish coastline by abseiling at Outdoor Adventure


There’s no better way to get up close and personal with the beautiful Cornish coastline than by abseiling on Outdoor Adventure’s residential trips for primary schools.

Abseiling comes from the German term ‘abseilen’ which means ‘to rope down’, with people nowadays abseiling down skyscrapers, towers and caves to name a few. However, we believe nothing beats abseiling down a Cornish cliff face as the Atlantic Ocean swirls beneath you!

Abseiling involves descending on ropes using a friction device known as a belay which is attached to your harness.

It was first used to tackle terrain that would be too dangerous or time-consuming to descend on foot, for escaping a route beyond your ability such as descending from a pinnacle or for approaching the base of a sea cliff.

Not only does it help you build trust in others around you but there is also an indescribable feeling of accomplishment once you have reached the bottom with your peers cheering you on.

For those who are new to the exciting world of abseiling read our top tips below:

  • Listen carefully to the instructors at Outdoor Adventure.
  • Have confidence in your abseiling partner and communicate with them clearly.
  • Remember if you feel like you can’t complete the descent you still have to get off the cliff face so regain your composure and either climb up or carry on with your descent.
  • If you start to get nervous during your descent remember to keep calm and concentrate on your breathing. A good way to do this is by slowly counting to ten whilst breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  • The take-off is generally considered the hardest part of abseiling, so if you find it difficult consider sitting on the edge and slowly sliding off.
  • Lean back further than you think and keep your knees close together.
  • Get into the habit of always tying stopper knots at the end of your rope before rappelling if you are looking to do this after your time at Outdoor Adventure.


Watch the video below to see a fantastic guide for abseiling for the first time.


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