Evian roll out new global campaign featuring surfing babies

The infamous Evian babies are back again in a new advertising campaign, and this time they have taken to the water.

The new spot is known as “Baby Bay” and features the babies reaching for their surfboards and catching some waves, much to the surprise of the lone adult on the beach.

The ad is running globally online and on television in certain countries, including France, Japan and right here in the UK. Supermodel Gigi Hadid is also involved in the campaign, appearing in outdoor ads in the US alongside a baby “lookalike”.

The tagline for the campaign remains “Live Young”, and Vice President of Marketing for Danone Waters of America, Olivia Sanchez-Castro, had her say about why surfing was the perfect choice for their next campaign.

“It’s all about nature, and we felt like it went really well with Evian’s vision of youth. [Surfing has] this carefree, very relaxed style, and that’s the embodiment of what ‘Live Young’ is for us.”

If you haven’t seen the advert yourself, take a look at it here:

The great thing about surfing, and many other outdoor activities, is that they can help you to forget about day to day life, leaving you feeling carefree, much like you did as an infant! Why not join us on one of our activity holidays and experience the feeling for yourself?


Screenshot courtesy of evian Baby Bay on YouTube