Do you want to be an Outdoor Instructor

Do you want to be an Outdoor Instructor?

Do you want to work as an outdoor and adventure instructor but unsure of the route to take?

Do you already love the outdoors and want to further your hobby into a career?

Do you love working with people of all ages and want to help them get the BEST experience you can?

There are several ways to get there, some lengthy, some quick and there is a different way that works for everyone.

Seasonal Outdoor Work Apprentice

University Course

Outdoor Instructor Course

Seasonal Outdoor Work Apprentice

This definitely works for a period of time to get you started, learning from others, working with kids, and getting you confident in all aspects of the job.  It’s how a lot of instructors get started.

However, the pay is low and you still won’t get all the qualifications you need to further your career and after a few seasons, it can become frustrating.


University Course

It may look like a contradiction, studying for something that is largely outdoors but it does prove popular.  You will gain lots of friends and information and it will guide you into teaching – but the price is high.  Uni fees are not cheap and it will set you back a lot of money without all the qualifications you need to get started.


 Outdoor Instructors Course

At Outdoor we believe the most genuine and effective route to getting everything you need is to undertake the Outdoor Instructors Course.

Looking for a great location? Look for a fantastic matrix of qualifications? We can provide both those aspects and the possibility of work afterwards. We’ve used our knowledge and 40 years of experience to tailor a bespoke training course that will give you the skills you need for every area of the job.  We will use our experience and extensive knowledge to coach and shape you into a high-quality instructor. Qualifications are necessary however it’s all the other skills that top quality outdoor centres are looking for.


For more information on our outdoor instructor course visit our website and get in touch, we’ll happily chat through our course with you.