Ditching the classroom has proven to improve children’s mental health

Schools across the UK have capitalised on the access they have to outdoor areas as a way to introduce a different type of learning space for students.

outdoor activities for kids good for mental health

One example is a school in Aylesbury which has changed the ethos of the school to be as outdoors as possible, rain or shine. Children of all ages have the chance to learn skills like fire lighting, making charcoal and climbing trees, all under supervision.

Many of the activities are linked to curriculum subjects and complement classroom lessons. Head teacher Sue Stamp believes these new outdoor lessons have played a part in the school’s exam success. But it is far more than an academic exercise, as being outdoors has had an undeniable impact on the children’s mental health and overall wellbeing.

Stamp said: “We have seen an amazing difference in some children. Children who just didn’t engage in the classroom suddenly came into their own when they get outside.”

A 2010 study by the University of Rochester found that spending time outdoors not only makes you happier, it can lead to an increased sense of vitality. Being outdoors has also found to ease depression, spark creativity and improve attention and focus for kids, as well as adults.

Though not every child likes the idea of getting their hands dirty, it is vital they have a choice. At Outdoor Adventure we have a wide range of outdoor activities for kids that will guarantee a fun day for everyone.

Photo by: Dr Neil Clifton