Coasteering in North Cornwall

Whether you’re on one of our residential school trips, visiting with the family or just out with friends, coasteering around the North Cornwall coast is adrenaline fuelled fun for people of all ages.

When we began running our coasteering activites nearly 15 years ago we scoured the North Cornish coast to find the ultimate location for this fun-filled sport. Being so spoilt for choice along the here, we settled on the nearby Bossinney Cove. This small cove, surrounded by spectacular granite cliffs and lush green fields is the perfect playground for people of all ocean abilities. It has cliff jumps of all heights, different routes for every skill level and a plethora of natural wildlife such as dolphins, seals and birds of prey.


What makes coasteering so exciting is the feeling of being in a new environment, many people have walked along the cliffs surrounding the ocean but few have really explored it. One moment you will be scrambling up a granite ledge and then the very next moment you will be hurling yourself into the blue hues of the Atlantic, before swimming through a cave to get to the next obstacle.

Coasteering on our school residential trips

Our coasteering in Cornwall is run by experienced instructors, who have excellent local knowledge and a real understanding of the ocean and weather conditions. One look at the conditions and the instructors will be able to pick a route to give people a fantastic adventure whilst making sure everyone sticks within their limits.

Here’s what some of our customers had to say about coasteering at Outdoor Adventure:

“Great morning out, coasteering with Outdoor Adventure. Challenging waves and weather. My two teenagers had great fun jumping, climbing and being tumbled by the waves. A great session, ideal for teens. Great instructors to help and provide confidence.” – Trip Advisor Member

“This is amazing, the best outdoor adventure me and my family have experienced. Coasteering is great fun and you will see the Cornish Coast line like never before. For us, the best part is diving off the cliffs into the sea surrounded by the beautiful Cornish landscape, you certainly feel like you’re at one with nature- a real adrenaline rush. The guides Tommy and Henry really made us feel safe and were great company throughout the morning, they seemed to be having as much fun as us! Our third year coasteering and we will definitely be back for more next year.“ – Trip Advisor Member

Coasteering sessions are £40 per person, with discounts for groups, and is available every weekend for groups of 6+. We also offer daily sessions for individuals between July and September. All equipment, including a wetsuit is provided, you just need to bring a towel, swimwear and an old pair of trainers to wear in the sea.


Sound like fun? Why not get in touch with us today and book a new experience?