Coastal walking is the best way to explore North Cornwall

Whether you are youngsters having fun on your residential school trips or on a family break, coastal walking with us is the best way to experience the rugged and beautiful Cornish coastline to the fullest.


Apart from being nestled on a cliff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean we are also right next to the North Cornwall coast path that offers a wide variety of fantastic routes from easy walking along flat paths to more challenging routes that incorporates steep climbs, offering unrivalled views of dark green valleys, thick woodlands and pristine waters.

The southern stretch of the coast path offers other worldly views with rugged cliff tops, pristine coves and golden sands which offer the chance to escape the trappings of the modern world.

The section of coast path south of our centre is one of the most awe-inspiring stretches of the North Cornwall Coast Path. It is totally remote and you feel as though you are in another part of the world and in a true wilderness environment.


There’s the chance to descend down cliffs and explore the environment, keep an eye out for dolphins, basking sharks and falcons as well as taking the time to explore the spectacular flora and fauna that can only be found in this part of the UK.

Our favourite walk is the stretch from Outdoor Adventure to Crackington Haven which is about a 3 hour walk and has a reputation as one of the best sections of the North Cornish Coast Path.

You’ll see many amazing sights on the way to Crackington as you’ll pass above many secret inlets where legend says Cornish Wreckers used to lure the ships to the coves and then steal their loot! You’ll get the chance to explore the Dizzard forest where there are ancient miniature trees that make you feel like you’re a giant!

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Photo by: Tom Jolliffe

Photo by: Tom Jolliffe