Check out these fun facts about the home of Outdoor Adventure, Cornwall!


Cornwall is the county that has it all, miles of golden beaches, the deep blue waters of the Atlantic, exquisite gardens, wild moorland, picture perfect seaside villages, delicious local cuisine as well as some of the friendliest locals you will ever meet. This is exactly why we started our Outdoor Adventure school residential trips, so people from all over could experience all the fantastic things Cornwall has to offer.

We know all too well about the joys and wonderful sights that Cornwall is famous for, which is why we call it home, but even we have learnt something from the interesting and fun facts that are listed below:

  • Modern archaeology now shows that the Cornish and Welsh of today are the remnants of an ancient race native to these islands since at least the Neolithic period, roughly 4,000 to 6,000 years ago.
  • The largest-ever Cornish pasty weighed a whopping 1,900lb and was 15ft long, made in Bodmin in 2010.
  • Bude Canal is the most westerly canal in Britain and includes the only manually operated sea locks in the whole of England!
  • Cornwall has the longest coastline of any English county, measuring a massive 433 miles, perfect for exploring at any time of the year.
  • Located in the SW of England and facing the Atlantic Ocean, Cornwall has been long lauded as a great place for surfing, but that’s not all. Due to the coastline there are many activities to be enjoyed from kayaking to coasteering and everything in between, perfect for school residential trips!
  • According to Cornish legend, Piran was a sixth century Irish Christian who was tied to a millstone by heathens and pushed off the edge of a cliff, the waters then calmed and he was carried to Cornwall!
  • Cornwall was one of the seven ancient Celtic nations, and has its own tartan. It’s usually made in a delightful red, yellow and black pattern. And you thought kilts were just for the Scottish!
  • Sawmills Studios, situated in Fowey has hosted some of the biggest names in UK music with Oasis, Muse, Robert Plant, The Stone Roses and The Verve just some of the names to record in this iconic Cornish music establishment.


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Photo by: Scott14