Bodyboard in the Atlantic Ocean with Outdoor Adventure

When it comes to school residential centres Outdoor Adventure prides itself on the vast selection of fun, exciting and thrilling activities we have to offer, with bodyboarding being a fantastic way to experience the Atlantic sea providing hours of adrenaline fuelled fun for children and adults as well as being an incredible way to keep fit as not only does it increase your cardio but also builds muscle and core strength as well!

For those wishing to try a water sport other than surfing, this is a great option as it gives you the thrill of riding waves in a more beginner-friendly manner, whilst also being the perfect platform to introduce small children to the fun that is to be found among the rolling Atlantic Ocean swells.

There are many levels to bodyboarding, from people catching a broken wave in the shallows, to advanced riders who perform aerial tricks above the wave and long barrel rides, while anyone can grab a bodyboard and a pair of fins and head out into the Cornish surf, it’s only a select few in the world who get reach the ability seen in the video below.

With some of the best waves in the country, Outdoor Adventure is the perfect place to try this sport for the first time with the beautiful Widemouth Bay right on our doorstep offering consistent swell all year round, giving you the ideal platform for riding waves, with the help of our highly qualified instructors.

bodyboarding on our school residential trips

Handy tips for when you come down and bodyboard with us at Outdoor Adventure:

  • As with swimming, don’t go out with a full stomach, you’re going to be spending a lot of time on your stomach.
  • Check the surf properly before heading out to the water, see where the best waves are. Our instructors will show you how it’s done.
  • Keep an eye out for other people in the water, particularly surfers, getting hit with a surfboard is not fun!
  • If you get into difficultly, try to remember not to panic. Wave an arm overhead and shout for assistance from one our instructors.
  • Don’t bodyboard near rocks or hazardous objects.
  • Apply a thin layer of wax on the nose and rails of the bodyboard. This will prevent you from losing your grip at vital moments.
  • Stretch before heading into the water, there is nothing worse than experiencing cramp in the water!
  • Make sure your leash is attached safely and correctly to your arm.
  • Have fun practicing on broken waves in the shallows before progressing to unbroken waves.
  • Practice paddling with just your arms, then just your legs and then both together.
  • The most important tip is to have as much fun as possible!

For those wondering how you bodyboard, press play below.

If you wish to get in the best physical shape possible for bodyboarding on our school residential trips, Boogerbod has created a highly valuable and informative workout video, that you can watch below, which focuses on your core strength and specific muscles that will be used when bodyboarding. Not only are these exercises great for this sport, but they can also help with our other water based activities such as Canadian canoeing, surfing, coasteering, kayaking and coastal traversing.



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