Beautiful Bude

Beautiful Bude

We are exceptionally lucky in Bude to have so many well supported Environmental groups leading the way and forging a path as a template for others to follow.  Please take a look at 7 of our local community groups that work very hard to make Bude a beautiful place to live and to visit.

2 Minute Beach Clean

The 2 minute beach clean was setup in 2009 and became established in 2013/14 after a series of storms found our beaches littered with plastics and waste. Martin, the founder, feels passionately that if everyone spent 2 minutes every time they went to the beach to clean then we would have much cleaner and safer beaches.  It now has a global outreach and has had an impact all over the world.

BRAG (Bude Rubbish Action Group)

Paul, who first set up BRAG, realised that although beach cleans were fantastic we also needed town and inland litter picking volunteers as eventually, these would all make their way to sea, so why not make the effort and pick up first? The group has its own Facebook page to organise litter picks around the town and surrounding areas.

A Greener Bude

A Greener Bude are a collective of individuals, groups and organisations working toward A Greener Bude.  They spread the word and share the positivity of all things Eco going on, in and around Bude so are a great source of information on all things green.

Bude friends of the earth

Bude Friends of the Earth is part of a movement creating a safer climate, flourishing nature, and healthy air, water and food, now and for future generations. They campaign for change in the local community to make a difference to the environment locally, nationally, and globally. They create events locally at last once a month with a community focus.

Bude cleaner seas

Bude cleaner seas has the same ethos as 2 minute beach clean, in that if we all just spent time picking up litter then it’s a better place for both locals and tourists.  Bude cleaner seas also concentrate on the Bude Sea Pool, the canal and the river.

 Repair café

The repair café was set up in 2019 following a push from A Greener Bude, led by volunteers, Repair Café Bude repairs broken items, sharing and teaching repair skills for free. They are at Neetside Community Centre every last Saturday of the month except Aug/Dec from 10.00-12.30. Last items booked in for repair at 12 noon.


A fantastic new edition to Bude in 2019 the ReFill shop in a zero waste organization.  They operate as a Social Enterprise so they formed a Community Interest Company which gives 100% of its profits back to local community groups. The shop was initially staffed by volunteers but now has a paid manager.

So, if you are here visiting on one of our family activity holidays UK and would like to get involved then contact one of the above organisations, or just simply appreciate how beautiful we try to keep Bude and the surrounding areas.