Awesome ocean activities at Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure is nestled on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean and provides the perfect platform to take part in water activities on our residential trips for schools.With the Gulf Stream running up through Cornwall anytime of the year is perfect for getting in the ocean, with the sea temperature in winter staying much warmer than the rest of the country! The thrill that comes with being in the ocean is unrivalled and when you take part in water sports this is only heightened. At Outdoor Adventure we have a team of highly skilled and trained guides and instructors who love doing these activities in their spare time which really shows in the residential trip lessons as they genuinely love what they do!

With that in mind read below to see just three of the activities that you can take part in on our residential trips for schools:



Without a doubt the most popular activity at OA and the most popular water sport in the world, surfing is not only an adrenaline filled fun sport but also a learning tool for realising the power of Mother Nature. For first timers to the world of surfing you will learn right outside the front door of OA in beautiful Widemouth Bay. With the help of our instructors, you will learn to catch your first wave and even start to trim across the green wall of the wave. Catching a wave by yourself and riding it to the shore for the first time is a feeling that can’t be recreated anywhere else!




One of the fastest growing water sports in the world and a perfect activity for those who like to mix it up as coasteering involves climbing, coastal traversing, jumping and swimming! Coasteering involves getting from one point to another without the use of ropes, so expect to jump from a rock ledge, and swim across to a rock face before climbing it and doing it all again!




Another fantastic wave riding activity that offers a different thrill to surfing as you skim at speed inches above the water! A great alternative for young children who have issues with balancing as you use your arms and feet to paddle in to the waves before gripping the nose of your board and trim along the waves, you may even be able to pull of some 360’s!


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Photo by: Scott Hamilton