Adventure awaits: Reasons to go on a family activity holiday


Family activity holidays are the perfect way to spend some quality time together, whilst creating memories that last a lifetime. All the food and accommodation is provided, as are the day’s activities so mum and dad can sit back and relax…or perhaps not! You are able to decide how exciting or challenging you want your week to be by choosing your own activities. You can choose the same activities or go separately, and share your days adventures and experiences at meal times. Here’s some reasons why you should book your family activity holidays UK with us here at Outdoor Adventure:

Make your own footprints count next holiday with one of our family activity holidays UK

Spend quality time together

The benefits of a family holiday in today’s lifestyle are plentiful. One small break away can help build relationships within the family as well as improve children’s learning and behaviour in school. Busy schedules, demanding work hours and strict homework schedules can restrict the amount of precious time you are able to spend as a family all together, let alone the opportunity for extreme outdoor activities. Kill two birds with one stone, as you can work towards fitness and wellbeing goals at the same time as spending quality time together.

Get outdoors

The children of today live in the virtual age of computers, television and gaming. Swap the consoles for coasteering, with so much on offer in the beautiful county of Cornwall, they’ll soon forget all about their beloved Call of Duty ratios. Children are recommended to have at least an hour of physical activity a day, if your kids have been slacking recently, throw them in at the deep end with hours of activities guaranteed to tire them out. Family activity holidays provide an accidental digital detox for parents as well; you are busy having so much fun, you forget all about the worlds of Facebook and Instagram, although a ‘learning to surf’ selfie is highly recommended. Seriously though, activity-packed holidays give you the opportunity to put the unopened work emails to one side – they can and will wait until Monday!

Discover new hobbies

Family activity holidays offer perfect opportunity to explore new hobbies that you’ve never tried before, or even allow you to discover a hidden talent! The North Coast of Cornwall makes for a fantastic natural playground for all of our activities. Those who may not be lucky enough to live near the sea can dive headfirst into a range of water-based activities such as surfing, coasteering, kayaking and bodyboarding and make the most of the fantastic Atlantic Ocean! For the thrill seekers, Outdoor Adventure offers a range of climbing and abseiling that’s bound to get the adrenaline pumping, whilst those looking to relax a bit more could try their hand at orienteering or coastal walking, whilst taking in some truly spectacular scenery. Try something new, and we guarantee you won’t regret it!

Learn healthy habits

The earlier you develop a habit, the more likely you are to keep it up as you grow. Encouraging children to be active, interact with others and appreciate the beauty of the great outdoors will teach them a healthy lifestyle they can pursue in the future. Trying new things can also teach them wonders about how not being the best at something, isn’t the worst and learning to embrace your strengths and weaknesses, because it all helps to make you who you are.

To make sure everyone gets the holiday they deserve, book onto one of our family activity holidays now, for an experience none of you will forget. Unforgettable memories, endless activities and, most importantly, spending quality time together.