5 tips for getting your children to be more active

When children are younger, they are often quite active, climbing trees and running around like headless chickens. Sadly, this level of activity doesn’t last as other demands take over, such as school life or meeting with their friends. Parents are also less comfortable letting their children wander the neighbourhood streets than they were two decades ago.

A father and son on one of our family activity holidays

So, what can be done? Finding smart and easy ways to keep kids fit and active can have many benefits, including better sleep, weight control, and stronger muscles and bones. We have looked at five ways you can help get active with your children:

Divide it up

With school, homework and extracurricular activities, children’s schedules can fill up quickly, so doing an hour of exercise in one go isn’t always plausible. To make things easier, get your kids to accumulate the 60 minutes over the course of the day.

This could be a 10-minute walk in the morning, a 30-minute bike ride after school and then 20 minutes of family games at the end of the day, for example.

Get involved yourself

As a parent, you are the role model! If you tend to lead an active life, your kids are more likely to follow in your stead. If you can get your child involved in your own physical activities – even something as little as going for a walk together – it can have a great impact on their health and wellbeing.

You could also consider going on one of our family activity holidays as an alternative trip. We carefully plan and provide all the food, activities and accommodation, taking all the stress of planning off your shoulders!

Keep it simple

Simplicity is usually the best plan of action for day to day exercise; not every child needs to be an Olympic-level athlete, and not every child will enjoy organised team sports. Whether it’s riding their bike, going for a jog or even playing outside with their friends, there is something for everyone.

When physical activity is a consistent part of a daily routine, it soon becomes the norm ensuring kids grow up with exercise being second nature to them.

Keep it positive

Encourage your kids as they try new things or make an effort to get active. Praise them when they’ve completed their activities and try to remain positive about your own, to help get them out and about more often.

Don’t turn exercise into a chore

The goal is to make fitness an important part of everyday life for kids as they grow up, and the best way to do this is to motivate them so they choose to take part. If you turn exercise into a chore, it soon feels like a punishment which can deter children from taking part in physical activity altogether! Try to find a good balance, and both you and your children will be on the path to happy, healthy lives.