4 helpful tips for the beginner surfer

Are you ready to master one of your first stand up rides on a surfboard? Or show your surfboard who’s boss and improve your technique? Here are 4  tips from our experienced and skilled instructors here at Outdoor Adventure on what you need to always remember…


 If it’s your first time, your success is massively going to be affected by your board choice. It can be tempting to try one of those hard – shortboards that look so aesthetic and are easier to carry, but save it for when your ability is ready as they are very hard to balance on and not very buoyant.  Try a high volume soft board of the recommended height for your size or bigger! The wider the board the more stable it will be as a platform for standing up! This will also help you catch waves more easily giving you more opportunities to stand up. Practice makes permanent, so the board being stable will help you to practice correct technique more easily.


Try and pick a nice flat sandbank to learn on and get stuck in on the white water waves! This will give you the optimum conditions whilst being safer with fewer rip currents. Ideally, you want the waves to break and roll over the flat sandbank as white water evenly / consistently for as long as possible to give you more time to practice getting to your feet. Generally, these flatter sandbanks are found between “mid and low tide” on sandy beaches. Remember to surf between black and white flags on lifeguarded beaches.


Remember to always take your time, keep your hands on the board on either side until both your feet are set. Whether you are using your knees or jumping up in one go, this will keep you stable, and allow you to make any last adjustments to your stance while you have a low centre of gravity before you take off to standing.  “imagine your hands as being stabilisers on a bike”. Most pop up mistakes happen when you are rushing, allow yourself time to get it right and to get yourself stable.


 The more water time you have will increase your understanding of the conditions and your ability to adapt what you are doing to different challenges on the wave. Surfing is a dynamic sport where you are constantly reacting to the wave. Over time you will start to learn to adapt to the changes of the wave to keep your balance and control. Always remember to try and not too get frustrated and remember the reason for surfing is fun so enjoy the experience and rush of riding a wave. Whether you’re lying down, on your knees, standing, riding on your back or any other variation! If you keep trying and having fun you will get better!

Why not get started or improve your technique with us here at Outdoor Adventure on one of our Bude Surf Lessons with one of our friendly, qualified instructors this summer!